When my father cried

When My Father CriedWhen My Father Cried by Manisha Bhatia
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A solid five stars. This is a debut novel of extremely talented Manisha Bhatia.

The copy is provided to me as a token of affection with these remarks

“Dear Rajan! With lots of love and best wishes for today and glorious future tomorrow. God bless.” Manisha.

From here itself the compassion of author is evident. For a debut novel quality is first rate. You don’t feel you are reading a novel of a first time author. It reads like a work of a veteran.

This is a tome of a book. It is thick and above that the font is small and line spacing is single. There are almost 400 pages. So when I first got it I felt daunted by its sheer size. But once you start you will fall in love with Malini Malhotra and you wish that the book never end. It is simply unputdownable.

I identified with her and her emotions. To tell you the truth I cried with her and laughed with her.

Ms Bhatia has written with a lot of heart.

In the end I reproduce the part poem “my father cried”:

Darkness ceased affairs retrieved
Ordeals overcome
Debacles healed
Universe celebrated the success
I cried…..
My father cried!

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