Sunday, 2 October 2016

Stolen hope

Stolen Hope (Ramayana: The Game of Life, Book #3)Stolen Hope by Shubha Vilas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A solid five hundred stars. The copy is provided to me by Sh Shubha Vilas as a token of affection with these remarks.

“Dear Rajan! Here is a book that integrates Ramayan with our lives….and hoping that these life lessons become your life time companions.” Regards Shubha Vilas

This is not an ordinary book. This is a gem. This is an epic. This is not merely a retelling of Ramyana. It is interpretation of it. It has pearls of wisdom. You can not give it a casual reading. It is so intense and enlightening you have to read each page 5-6 times so as to get the full meaning. It gives the deeper meaning of actions of various characters especially lord Rama.

Sample some of the pearls of wisdom:

1. At the right time, when the desire to control is not given up voluntarily; it will be taken away involuntarily.
2. Responsibility is not a choice it’s an honor.
3. Nonfulfillment of our desires is not always someone else’s fault.
4. The lowest nature of a leader often becomes the highest hallmark of a follower.
5. Surfing is the art of focusing on one wave at a time. Happiness is the art of focusing one joy/ aspiration at a time.

There are countless others. I became a better person after reading this. Hoping to read others in the series soon.

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