Review of The speechless me

Tried writing a review of poem of a very talentd poetess Indrani Samajpati titled "The speechless me".
The poetess described true love as opposed to the Bollywood love we see in movies. This is how the love should be and as rightly pointed out by her it is not in material things or physical intimacy.
It starts with conversations and slowly graduates to the state where you understand and enjoy the silences of each other. Love is in between the dialogues and in pauses. It slowly builds up and before you know you are head over heels in love.
Ture love is neither in material things nor physical intimacy. She touches your heart and make you feel like you never felt before. The true lover accepts you as you are with all your fears, shortcomings and imperfections. She makes you rise in love, not fall in love. True love is where you both become a better person. She touches your heart and soul and you become one. She is the one person with whom you forget all your worldly problems and is transported to another world albeit for a instant. But that second is more than a life time.
It is very difficult to review poetry because it is a very different medium than prose. It is more abstract and very personal to the poetess. The poetess uses metaphors or similes which are sometimes universally accepted and sometime have very personal connotations. In a way you review poem and the poetess both. You never know where one ends and the other begins.
In the final stanza poetess may have alluded to Osho statement in his most (in)famous book that sexual union can lead you to ultimate state of meditation.
Very difficult to review for an unromantic person like me. But in the end a very touching poem and that’s the way love should be IMHO. Keep writing.

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