Review of beyond lyrical

Beyond lyrical

I was all set to write something again,
A soulful music playing in the background, intensifying emotions,
Evening walking towards a melodious night,
And all I could think of is You.  

I don’t know what to write anymore or how to write,
There are too many emotions bubbling within me,
Words fall short and expressions too limited to contain,
‘Coz ain’t you and I limitless?  

I leave everything aside and close my eyes,
Thinking I’ll sleep it off and you’ll be gone,
But there you are again, looking at me like a dream,
Was it? I question myself…  

Your name running through my head, your eyes into mine
Your hands hold me, and our legs entwined,
My heart smiles, eyes dance and everything brightens,
You are my comfort even when it’s dark.  

It feels like a lot of other things besides love,
I fight myself, argue with my emotions, my feelings,
I think may be life gets in the way, takes you away,
At the same time, I never want you to be gone.  

And I look up my screen, there it is, I can see my words weaved,
Finding its way to you like it knows what to write,
As if it knew all along, what calms me, what makes me believe,
And it tells me that you and I are beyond lyrical.


A difficult one to understand. Maybe the poetess is having so ideas. The heroine just can’t forget her lover. The music reminds her of him and evening is turning into night. Is it the night of their relationship too? What she wants is not clear. She wants him to be with him desperately. But somehow she feels it is not possible. It maybe because of the nature of relationship. It is not acceptable in society on account of caste, religion or extra marital. But to both of them it is the ultimate thing. They know deep down it is pure but afraid of society or family.
It is very deep and abstract. It is clear only to poetess what she is thinking. But it is very good. The way words are played and juxtaposed is brilliant. One of the complex ones from Indrani.

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