Sherlock Holmes: The Peculiar Persecution of John Vincent HardenSherlock Holmes: The Peculiar Persecution of John Vincent Harden by Dan Andriacco
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Not like original ACD. but this portion of introduction is interesting :

Monsignor Knox lists eleven elements of a canonical Sherlock Holmes story. A Study in Scarlet has all eleven elements, and most stories in the Canon have at least five. Those elements are: 1. A homely Baker Street scene to start, with invaluable personal touches and sometimes a demonstration by the detective or reference by either Holmes or Watson to an untold tale of Sherlock Holmes; 2. The client’s statement of the case;3. Energetic personal investigation by Holmes and Watson, often including the famous floor-walk on hands and knees;4. Refutation by Holmes of the Scotland Yard theory; 5. A few stray hints to the police, which they never adopt;6. Holmes tells the true course of the case to Dr. Watson as he sees it, but is sometimes wrong;7. Questioning of the victim’s relatives, dependents, and others, along with visits to the Records Office, and various investigations in disguise;8. The criminal is caught or exposed;9. The criminal confesses; 10. Holmes describes the clues and how he followed them;11. The conclusion, often involving a quotation from some standard author.

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