Act of Treason (Mitch Rapp, #9)Act of Treason by Vince Flynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very good thriller. It is my first novel of both Mitch Rapp and Vince Flynn. But definitely not the last.

Story is very simple. Alexander the President hopeful is trailing badly. His deputy Ross and campaign manager Stuart Garret are despondent. The wife of president hopeful is killed in a terrorist act and they wins on a sympathy wave. Rivera the head of their security detail is crucified. Enter Mitch Rapp with the blessing of Kennedy, CIA director and he finds Gaziach ho detonated bomb. What follows is typical politics over this and how Kennedy and Mitch deal with it.

The novel picks up pace from page one and pace is unrelenting through out. Story is somewhat outlandish but still believable. Mitch Rapp is like James bond as much as he does what he feels right and does not always play by rule.

Some excerpts from the book:

Washington was the grand stage of espionage and diplomacy, not some backwater, mosquito infested Third World hellhole. This was elephant hunting, and Gazich had tracked the real beast.

Many of them killed for an idea. Often, the idea was a perversion of Islam. These were all men. No women were allowed to join their crusade of intolerance. Yes, occasionally the Palestinians had used female suicide bombers, and so had the Chechens, but they were few. Others killed for a paycheck, like Gazich.

No, the target was two political candidates. And what was their crime? Did they preach death to Islam and the Arab world? Did they advocate the wholesale murder of every Palestinian? No. They did no such thing.

That was what the mullahs and clerics preached in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Death to America, the Great Satan. Death to Israel. Nuke the entire Zionist state and push the infidels into the ocean.

Like all good reporters, I know how to keep politics out of the story.”
- - - - - -

It made him think of the old adage that sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. This time around Rapp would be asking for neither.

“I’ve never been one to live life with regrets. Even more so since the Parkinson’s.”

“It is one of your most admirable qualities, sir.”

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