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And So Can You! And So Can You! by Dr Roopleen
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Dr Roopleen is an eye surgeon among other things. She is an accomplished writer. So why she wrote this book? Because she wanted to read it and it was unwritten. Many books on achievers have been written but none on doctors. So, to fill the vacuum she wrote this book about 17 doctors.

These are chosen from many special fields and across the country. Everyone has different story and background but one thing common: love for medical profession and desire to serve others.

Dr Sundaram Natarajan (never say die) was born to a doctor and raised in a village. He was a cry baby in childhood. He joined Madras Medical college. He believes in four Ps for success- passion, perfection, precision and perseverance.

Dr Anita Panda (resilience) was born in a remote village of Orissa. She read scriptures and mythology in childhood. She joined PG at AIIMS. Her being the woman was never a handicap for her though she has to overcome the dogma and hypocrisy. Passion and dedication to work is her mantra.

There are more such stories. Each unique and identical at the same time. The common theme is medical profession. They belong to different part of India and different streams of medical science, but they all became doctors because of love for medical field. Most of them are from poor or middle-class families and face hardships during studies but it did not deter them from achieving their goals.

After every story there are some advice and takeaways given e.g.

1. Don’t always believe what others say.
2. When in doubt take a second opinion.
3. Aspire to always improve and update knowledge.
1. There is no professional right path for everyone.
2. Never allow your ego to become a bigger part of you.
3. Problems will come your way but do not stop.

These doctors really wanted to be doctors. But it is said that why people want to become doctors is because it is their passion. That is totally wrong in Indian context as parents push children to only medical or engineering. Being an engineer, I know this first-hand.

This book is written in simple language and is sincere. There is no pretence and the stories are of simple people who become successful due to hard work.

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