"Life & The Grey Notes"

Life & The Grey NotesLife & The Grey Notes by Mayank S. Sengar
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Life and the Grey Notes by Mayank S. Sengar

It is collection of 10 short stories. The stories covers various facets of life. The stories try between the grey zone between the obvious black and white of life.

Maynak through 10 stories tried to cover 10 aspects of life. The first story “Inside Bermuda Triangle” compares life with the mysterious Bermuda triangle. It’s a mysterious area where many aircrafts and ships has disappeared without any trace. Kaka (uncle) of Sanjay compares life to Bermuda triangle. The three vertices of triangle are your fear of failure, burden of expectations and your dependence of advice. Last story is “The God Particle” with no spin, no electric charge, no colour, something that gives mass to everything. That god particle inside us gives us the resilience, the resolve, the stubbornness and the ability to stand tall even in the whirlpool of failure and devastation. “The Religious Atheist” talks about how the XEROX philosophy ruined our education system. ‘The Evening Call” is about how technology brought us together virtually but made us physically apart. “The Golden Fear” tells about the middle class fascination about hoarding gold. So on and so forth and I hope by now you got the drift about the 10 stories.

The book is a mish mash of author’s philosophy about life. I will say philosophies because there are so many. I sometimes connected with the theme but then when I move to next story it is a different theme. The stories are confused and so is Mayank. I did not read any story at all, because the stories are just skeleton to carry his musings about life. He compare life to everything from Bermuda Triangle to God Particle. It is a confused book and not very convincing. There is no story but only SPV to carry the author’s views on its shoulders. There is no rhyme and reason in the philosophy and it is totally ridiculous. These are no stories but simply some musings of a person about life which have no synchronicity.

I give 3 stars out of 5 to this collection.

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