Jim Morgan and the Seven Sins by Bharat Madan

Jim Morgan and the Seven SinsJim Morgan and the Seven Sins by Bharat Madan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book Cover:

The cover is showing a mysterious person wearing cape. This is intriguing and piques curiosity.


A quest to identify seven deadly sins
A mystery behind seven keys that were passed to seven men
A deadly race against time to seek atonement
On the outskirts of New York City,Jim Morgan, an international bestselling author learns through God that he had committed seven sins in his previous life. Clues lie in the six novels he has written, that would lead him to the mystery. But the novels won’t reveal everything to him. With seven days on hand, he must walk in the direction that faith leads him in, to reach the lost chamber of Seven Planets. Unless Morgan understands the secret behind his past life and the sins he committed, his chance to live will be lost forever.


The story starts with a bestselling author Jim Morgan. He doesn't give time to his wife due his ambitions. Thus his wife, Katherine and he separated (not divorced). His assistant Noah is his confidant. He is visited by god and asked to atone for his sins. He can travel through time and seek riddance. His books become his portal. He travel back in time and is hounded by a serial killer who is out to kill him. The killer can also time travel. What happens next?

The book has a lot of information of sins & astrology.
‘Yeah, I think we do.’For the next fifteen minutes while we were busy eating and drinking, my thoughts went on focusing on the seven sins she had mentioned: Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Envy, Wrath and Pride. I made them all in my previous birth. Knowing that God was with me, I felt some hope that I will be able to pay for my crimes.

‘Mercury is my favorite and that is you. It represents intelligence, communication, business, writing, speaking ability and media. Why’d you think that I only allowed you to handle
the journalists and not the other partners?’

Story keeps moving back and forth in time and keeps you engrossed. The book has a lot of information of different planets and their functions.

Positive points:

The story is very interesting. English is very good and there are no grammatical. Bharat Madan has a lot of knowledge of astrology and science. Though the story is uneven in pacing it has sufficient depth to keep you engrossed. The story moves at a brisk pace.

Negative points:

The story is confusing at times. So many characters are introduced which is not clear belong to which point of time. It is difficult to connect the dots.

Recommendation and rating:

I would recommend it all my friends who like to read fantasy. I give the book a 3/ 5 stars.

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