Future beckons

Future beckons
31 December 2020
Ansh and Priya are dancing like mad in the party at The Parks, Noida. After all it was New Year ’s Eve and the atmosphere is of gaiety. The husband and wife both have been drinking heavily and having a hell of a time. Around two they decided that they had enough and decided to go home for passionate love making. Also their daughter Pinki was alone with maid.
They came out and Priya insisted on driving the Scorpio. As the SUV was powerful and huge Ansh had reservations but he agreed in a drunken stupor. Priya sat on driver’s seat but the guard came and asked Ansh to receive their complimentary gift from hotel. Ansh repented till this day what happened when he went inside.
When he came back with gift he saw a nasty looking fellow pointing a gun at Priya head. Priya in panic pressed accelerator till it touched the floor. With 2200 cc engine Scorpio lurched forward like a bullet. The guy hang on to the door. Priya was 4 Patiala peg down after the party and car severed and it hit an oncoming truck with full force.
The robber was crushed immediately. Airbag of Scorpio opened and it took most of the impact. It happened in such a split second Ansh was dumb struck. He is fully sober now.
He ran along with others to the SUV. Priya was wedged in between seats and bag. The guy mutilated body was lying on the road. Truck driver sped away.
When priya was brought to Kailsah Hospital she was bleeding profusely and unconscious. On examination it was declared that due to impact the disc is dislocated and she won’t be able to walk for the rest of her life. But for the better safety features of Scorpio she would have died.
Both were devastated.

31 December 2025
It was again the night of 31st December 2025. Ansh is an automobile engineer and till today he has not forgotten that unfortunate night. Priya is wheel chair bound and only solace is that she is alive.
Ansh, Venkat and Kshitij were sitting in the lab of M&M discussing there invention sof road safety.
Ansh since then has left his job in MNC and joined M&M research division. His sole aim in life is to prevent these kind of accidents with the use of technology. His colleague Venkat is his enthusiastic supporter. Venkat is his junior but very intelligent.
“Sir, we developed biometric wheel drive and another is alcohol lock.” Said Venkat.
“Yes Venkat if on that day Priya could not have driven as she was drunk this had not happened. Also if she knew that that bustard can not drive the Scorpio even if he wanted to she would have stepped down.” Rued Ansh.
“Now sir we have perfected the biometric scanner and alcohol lock do you think it will help.”
“I have an idea how it can help. But I foresee many problems also because of this. Being a civil engineer I prefer geometric improvements of roads and strict traffic laws.” Interjected Kshitij. He is the civil Engineer from Highway division of M&M.
“I think we have to understand the science and rationale behind these provisions. Kshitij! I agree the things you mentioned should also help.” Ansh said “But if you ever travel by metro you will see many safety features which makes it almost fool proof. Say for example if any part of body is outside doors it won’t close and metro won’t move. So it is a failsafe safety guarantee. Also you see no Ticket Collectors as the system is of magnetic strip token or passes. It is almost impossible to travel without ticket and there is no need of TC. Still people jump in front of train to commit suicide and they may carry something inside and here better policing and enforcement comes into picture. Similarly geometric design and sound structure is basic requirement. So it has to be a combination of all three namely technology, design and enforcement for a safe practices.”
“We both agree” replied Venkat and Kshitij in unison.
“Now let me explain the rationale and science behind our invention. The blood alcohol content (BAC) legal limit is 0.03% or 30 µl alcohol in 100 ml blood. On 1 March 2012, the Union Cabinet approved proposed changes to the Motor Vehicle Act. Higher penalties were introduced, including fines from 2,000 to 10,000 and imprisonment from 6 months to 4 years. So our alcohol lock in M&M vehicle will have a breath analyzer. The vehicle will also have a biometric steering and only those persons who has registered will be able to start the vehicle. So once the driver starts the vehicle he has to do a breath analyzer test and if it is above the limit of 30 µl alcohol in 100 ml blood the vehicle will not move. This is a two pronged safety against theft and drunken driving. I have developed more features like warning light when close to other vehicles or when we severe and change lanes dangerously. Human Vehicle interaction through technology for a safe ride is the motto of my life now.” Examined Ansh.
“Hmm it is all very well in theory but in practice you have to drive the vehicle sometime even if you are drunk” Kshitij said.
“Kshitij if you see my wife as I see every day, and shed tears of blood on her helpless condition you will not ask this ridiculous question any more. She is mother to Pinki but now Pinki has become her mother. Her childhood is lost due to this bloody drunken driving. I am sure if that that Priya would have been sober she had given the vehicle to that devil. Nothing is worth your life. Call a cab if you are drunk or stay in a hotel overnight. My invention will ensure that nobody can drive when drunk.” he was overwhelmed with emotion and close to tears.
Kshitij held him and so did Venkat.
“I know dear how you feel and you have gone through a lot. It is not easy to see your loved one to go through this ordeal day in and day out and you have become vulnerable. I also propose geometrical solutions for safety. Like better design of road, zero tolerance for encroachment, closing unsafe crossings on highways, proper management of traffic lights and world class maintenance of roads” said Kshitij.
“we should have a zero tolerance policy towards reckless drivers. Even greater focus on risk groups, for example young drivers, senior citizens, motorcyclists, drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and irresponsible, aggressive road users. We should have more rigorous system of license issue and zero tolerance towards offences. If someone violates law 3 times his license should be revoked and if he is found driving without one he should be jailed.” added Veknat.
“Yes we should also standardize the traffic regulations in India, as far as possible and reasonable. More educational campaigns on traffic regulations. Rules only work if they are generally known and understood (for example, with new infrastructure models like “shared spaces”).” Kshitij said “we should have an eeven more intensive promotion of safety-conscious and responsible behavior by all road users (for example with driver training courses to get to know their own limits; educational campaigns regarding distraction by smartphones).”
Ansh agreed and said.” Ok guys now we have done our bit I have to head to the naturopath who has been treating Priya for past year. Now she is having some movement is he toes. Let us hope she walk anytime soon. That will be the best new year’s gift I will have”
Amen said Venkat and Kshitij in unison.

1 January 2026
Ansh, Pinki and Priya were in Ayurvedic Ashram. Swami Swarupanand who has been treating Priya with Panchkarma therapy was smiling at them.
“Listen Priya beta I am sure that you will walk within six month with God’s grace. From today we will start rigorous exercise and the hard work you have put in in last five years is commendable. It is your determination and support of Ansh and Pinki God has become merciful on you. This is a happy new gift from my side. Just be regular and by the end of this year you will be normal like us.” Said swamiji.
Ansh and Priya were crying. Pinki could not understand that these were those tears when joy becomes overwhelming and words can not describe the joy. They touched feet of Swamiji and left.
Pinki got a treat of black current and Ansh hugged Priya so tight as if there is no tomorrow.

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