Review of “Shold I hate or love” by Kisnaa

I give 2.5 stars to “Should I hate or love” by Kisnaa.

The story is simple love story between Aayan and Siya. Aayan a simple, innocent, intelligent and hardworking boy. But he is from a dysfunctional family with a sadistic step dad. Siya is a beautiful simple girl in his class. They fall in love. They come close and then grow apart. This all happens in flashback. All this is being told by Aayan to Samaira, his current girlfriend. This is the story of Aayan journey from Siya to Samaira.

Though there is one boy and two girls, it is not a love triangle in traditional sense. Because Samaira comes when Sia leaves him. The story is moving and romantic. Lovers of genre will  like it immensely. Each chapter has one or two Hindi Kavita (Poems) which are also translated in English. Which shows that author is proficient in both Hindi and English as well as Poetry and Prose.

The story gives some gyaan too like doing things for happiness.

“You always take care of your health. Sometimes unhygienic food is good too. If for one’s happiness, one gets ill a time or two, it’s certainly worth it. You miss the mist beautiful days of rain by just sitting inside your home. Life’s enjoyment is in these small things. You are never going to get happiness if you’ll search for it outside.    Start living your life on your own terms for once, every happiness will come to you on its own.”

On the other hand the story is quiet meandering, tired and old. There is nothing new or fresh. It is all clichéd. The scenes showing his father sadism are repulsive. This is a not-feel-good story.

A strictly one time read only for those who are sucker of romance.

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