Review of Adhira by Aditti

Adhira: Love Lost & FoundAdhira: Love Lost & Found by Aditti Gaur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Friday, 4 November 2016 Review of Adhira by Aditti

Adhira: Love Lost & Found Adhira: Love Lost & Found by Aditti Gaur My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Adhira by Aditti Gaur (one t more maybe numerology), I give this book four stars. Thank you Tushti Bhatia and author for providing me a review copy.

Adhira gives us a glimpse of how an independent woman reacts when life throws complex situations at her. The pace of book is very slow. But it is an interesting read. Aditti has a very deep understanding of women’s emotions. Adhira is very emphatic and compassionate.

Long distance marriages are a difficult thing to maintain and responsibility of women like explained below: “In this patriarchal society, no matter how successful a woman became, her real worth is measured based on how successful she was in handling her marriage, children, husband and other relationships”.

The love hate kinda relationship between Adhira and her friends can be visualised by the lines author mentioned: “Sometimes, you faked anger toward your loved ones for some time but once they start talking, every strand of anger melts away”.

At the same time author describes another couples story which is going through the tough phase of life.

It is also about the apprehensions of a girl who is about to enter in a love marriage are beautifully explained through “(I am) scared of losing my freedom after marriage. Scared to think about the upcoming changes that will happen in my life. I have to leave everyone behind, my papa- who is everything to me, my house- which comforts me throughout my life, my friends- who are more than family to me, and most importantly my surname- which is my identity.”

This and many more pearls of wisdom are there in the book. I feel Aditti is spot on in bringing out the emotions of the female characters of the book. The book has mention of Meerut and it being my home town I have special place for that place in my heart. It made me nostalgic.

There are some issues too. Pace of book is very slow especially the first half. The book is very predictable and nothing surprising ever happens. Love track of Adhira with so many people is another sore point. Either she is willingly ignoring all her lovers or she is a fool not to see. If someone loves a woman and is with you for a long time it is impossible she will not see that. Moreover, she is shown as very emphatic and emotional. The main angle is not explored adequately.

I admired the depth with which Aditti knows the emotions of human beings. This is a very mature book and maybe some younger audience might not like it. It will definitely strike a chord amongst married couples. After a decade of marriage some monotony sets in and the romance goes out of window. Marriage is not a bed of roses and with it brings a lot of responsibilities. Before marriage you are a free bird without a worry and answerable to none. When you marry you just don’t marry a person but marry a whole family. Then comes the kids and daily chores. It takes a lot of maturity, time and effort to keep the flame of romance burning. It all boils down to your values and upbringing how you manage the situation. Aditti brought out these facets of marriage beautifully. I liked the book a lot. Kudos to author to write such a value based, mature, compassionate and romantic book.

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