Review of LInda Goodman Sun Sign

It is very cleverly written. So clever that you feel u r every sun sign from Aries to piesces. Its heresy, imaginary, unscientific, illogical and absurd. But still u look up for your DoB many times and check your sun sign again and again. It is written so cleverly you force yourself to believe the qualities of your so called sin sign (pun intended). 

Its the majority opinion that its not science. Sun is star. Moon is satellite. But still considered for calculations. How the stars, planets and satellite and there relative motion affect our lives is beyond comprehension. And even if they do how it can be calculated mathematically. The qualities attributed to different planets is based on mythology, arbitrary and imaginary. Like Jupiter for education or Venus for sex. The signs also named after the shape of a particular constellation which they represent. And then she impose the quality of that particular shape on that sign people. Like Leo or lions have qualities of lions. Libra looks like a scale so she says they r always confused and unable to take decisions. SO to cut a long story short it is all imaginary.

All in all a fun read

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